Why Fruit?

It’s hard to explain my fixation with fruit…I think I would liken it to the way people feel about flowers. Something about the aesthetic and the qualities of fruits – the essence – just cheers me up. Words like FRESH, TANGY, BRIGHT, CRISP, JUICY, BOLD, BOUNCY come to mind (yes, these words come to mind in ALL CAPS! And yes, I realize most fruit probably wouldn’t bounce if you dropped it…but the word popped up in my stream of consciousness so here we are!).

When I came up with the idea to do this fruit series, it’s like a lightbulb went off…ding ding ding!!! We have a winner! It seemed so obvious – given my obsession with all things fruit – I was shocked I hadn’t thought of it sooner. In this series, I want to encapsulate the freshness, juiciness, lustre and all of the qualities of fruit that I love so much.